Pet food bank

Now based at Unit 10D Dabble Duck Industrial Est #Shildon DL4 2RA 10 am to 2pm Mon, Tues, Thursday and Friday. We are collecting donations of all types of pet food. Thank You.

“Keeping People and Pets Together” our Pet Food Bank is collecting and distributing pet food to people who need it to feed their pets, food banks, people in crisis, pets on the street, help us to help them by donating today.

Goal is to improve welfare of low income family pets and to keep pets in homes rather than being turned into shelters due to financial hardships or worse just dumped on the streets.

Referrals from Social Services as well as church and community groups, recipients  have to give some personal details, this is to avoid misuse, correct name, address and contact information as well as the numbers, names and details regarding pets in the home. may also ask for proof of identity. we also focus on ensuring that the pet is kept in good health. advise and promote neutering as well as Micro chipping and direct people to organisations that provide assistance with this.

We are currently looking at 3 key points : storage, distribution and getting donations and have some  great in put on this plus lots of extra ways to support pets by involving pet related businesses, to help support pet owners, people who cant afford claw clipping/grooming or aren’t confident enough or capable of doing it themselves, think of the suffering which could be avoided with some simple support. How many small furries are suffering when there are people who may be willing to help.


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