CRU What we actually do and how to help.

What does Cats R Us do?       We are a Registered Charity Number 1158022

We take in vulnerable, sick,  injured,  often distressed cats and kittens , we rehabilitate Socialise get any necessary vet  treatment and prepare for new homes.

Our extensive experience means we are often able to save and nurse back to health cats/kittens where the prognosis has not been good. We work closely with other rescue charities both national and local.

IMG_0160    IMG_136810981816_961488910536908_5318204212497132823_n

We do not take  in unwanted pets but  on some occasions if you are looking to rehome your cat we may be able to help.

We support local feral colonies by supplying food and making sure they are fed  365 days of the year.


We run a successful Trap Neuter Return scheme which ensures feral colonies cease to breed and therefore thrive better.

We  have a cat welfare  advice hub  and fundraising stall in Shildon  at unit 10D Dabble  Duck   DL4 2RA  where we are open  Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday 10 AM till 2 PM.


We also regularly hold Adoptathons there so people can come and meet and express any interest in adopting, we are quite strict in our adoption choices as these cats deserve the best quality forever homes.


How can you help?

We receive no government funding and rely totally on donations  naturally monetary  donations via standing orders, direct debits to CATS R US Sort Code 20-09-44 Acct Nos:93872971,  just giving page or  PayPal giving fund. always most desperately needed but other things help too such as  donating food,  Bedding  things to  raffle or tombola or to sell in our fundraising stalls  every little really  does help, 50p in our  collecting  tin it all goes  towards cat food etc.

You can donate part of or all of a sale on eBay through eBay for charity scheme.

Simply by searching the web through our easy search link can raise us funds.

You can shop online and raise funds for us too

We can all help make a difference!
“My doctrine is this, that if we see
cruelty or wrong that we have the
power to stop, and do nothing, we
make ourselves sharers in the guilt.”
— Anna Sewell

To help needy cats
“. . . we call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words.”
— Anna Sewell

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