Cats R Us

Is a cat and kitten rescue based in North East England UK  Registered Charity Number 1158022 CATS R US LTD

We desperately need your help as are overwhelmed with requests for assistance to help injured, sick stray cats please consider donating even a small amount as every little really does help make a difference.


Cats R Us was founded in 1994, in the early 2000s our founder became coordinator of a Cats Protection Branch and Cats R Us continued as a networking group to help towards the same aims.

Nowadays we are much more active and so have gained registered charity status once again, Cats R Us works alongside national cat charities and many small individual rescues to help as many Stray, Feral, Street Cats as possible.

Want to help the cats in our care you can send a gift from our Amazon Wishlist
We don’t have a re homing Centre, all cats/kittens are cared for by Volunteers who all work tirelessly and together as a team to ensure the best outcome for each and every cat we help.

We have to raise funds to cover the cost of helping all our cats and kittens, Vet Bills are high and funds are always low, more and more homeless and abandoned cats need our help – could you help us to help them? Check out our Donation Page

Direct Debit or one off Donations via bank transfer can be made to CATS R US Sort Code 20-09-44 Acct Nos:93872971

Cats R Us receives no government funding.

♥Adopt ♥Foster ♥Donate ♥Transport ♥Volunteer

We can all help make a difference!

“My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.” – Anna Sewell

Please Neuter Your Cat! It is the only way to stop feline overpopulation, kittens can be neutered from 4mths of age.


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