Sad days

Some people think its ok to turn a blind eye as feral colonies grow, trust me it always better for ferals to be neutered, Trap Neuter and Return is the most humane way, young kittens can be socialised once weaned. Volunteers have been working hard on TNR a local colony they have also set up a feeding regime and sorted warmth and shelter, they have used their own money to buy food and cover transport costs to vets etc too so are devastated that one of smaller kittens, which was actually due to be taken from mum today, was found dead this morning 😦 Wet winters are the worst for killing off ferals as there is no escape from the damp, cats can survive cold temperatures to minus 20 but cant survive the wet. Please neuter your cat as if unneutered cats get lost they can then start the circle of suffering in a feral colony.

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