Ferals in need of safe homes. 

Neutered Feral Cats. 
Places sought for feral cats, Do you have a farm, stables or small holding. Do you have problems with vermin. Have you ever thought of having a feral cat to help out with the problem. 

Very often, just the mere presence of a cat will deter vermin from eating your valuable foodstuffs. All they need is a warm, dry, undercover place to sleep and two meals a day from you.

Feral cats are distinct from pet cats in their attitude toward humans; whereas a pet may approach humans and can be handled easily, feral cats typically resist prolonged human contact. 

We always have feral and semi feral cats looking for homes outdoors in stables farms etc. We don’t ask adoption fee for ferals but donations always appreciated, we usually home feral farm cats in pairs as find they are happier and work better with company but understand if you only want one. We would expect you to feed twice daily to ensure their good health. They would need to be kept confined for a week or two, preferably near spot where they will get their daily feeds, until they settled, after which it would be a case of leaving access open till they confident enough to venture out which usually happens at night. Due to the nature of feral cats we usually bring them to you rather than arrange pre adoption viewing as if you were to visit them in foster pen they will likely hide. 

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